New Year 2009 Nude Party

Heard of the Nude Sex Party that should be held at Johor Bahru?

I read about it on Chris Thoo's At first I thought it was some joke but it's real - although the ending of his entry was a little gayish.

Anyway, where is PAS - why didn't make a fuss about it? When Avril Lavigne had her concert in Malaysia, PAS opposed dramatically. This party is definitely wayyyy moreeee extremmeee than Avril's concert - coz Avril didn't perform with G-String; don't think she'll either.

Anyway, it'd be great if it's a legitimate event - coz guys can see boobs bouncing and girls can see willies standing and pairs of balls hanging.

But then newspapers mentioned that the Mega Sex Party isn't gonna happen. Awww, enthusiasts must be pretty disappointed with that.

The proposed "mega sex party" here to usher in the new year is seen as nothing more than a "mega con". - nstonline

Mega con or not, it does sound fun right?

Let's illustrate 2 scenarios of what might happen - for guys only.

You attend the party - with your birthday suite and your rod dangling between your legs - and you see nude girls everywhere.

Scenario 1 - You've a long huge rod and it raises to the occasion...

The nearest lady noticed it and she shouts...

The rest of the ladies heard and they...

Scenario 1 Conclusion - You're one lucky bastard!

Scenario 2 - You have a tiny rod *unfortunately* and it made a mini appearance...

All the ladies noticed it and they...

p/s: Pendek! Tak Mau! means "Short! Don't Want!" in Malay Language.

Scenario 2 Conclusion - No luck man.

So before attending any similar events, make sure you have a up-to-standard rod - or else, you won't have any fun at all! Get it?

Oh yeah, the Johor CID Chief Senior Assistant Commissioner II (so long his job title) said something about this party.

Why so cheap?

Coz it's Year-End Sale lahhhhh!


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  1. hi Kenwooi.. i heard of this from my colleague this morning, thanks for posting this..haha.. a clearer pic..i tot it can materialise..

  2. your cartoon is funny hehehe..

  3. keep away from under age kids. lol.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Like tis oso can ahhh?? Creative! ;)

    Year End Sale LOL!!!

  5. lol bro very funny. You can be the next kennysia la xD

  6. Hahaha...the next kennysia~ Anyway,happy new year ^^

  7. ya ya... another funny post from you. I think you use a lot of times to do about that. am i right? really interesting post. If get 100 mark maybe i will give u 85 mark for this post. I agree with ahmike and jason Law, ur the next kenny sia.

  8. Hehehehe..nice one..

  9. hey ken,

    happy new year 2009!!!

    Lol. I don't think that will ever happen in malaysia... but if it's here, i believe it's possible. went clubbin to celebrate new year, and omg i saw A LOT OF ACTIONS. hahaha....

    hope u had a blast! :P:P:P:P

    and your illustrations are so ________________

  10. oh ya,

    i got a new blog already XD

  11. Sibeh Hamsup! XD
    RM250 cheap?!? =.="

    ken ken ken ;)

  12. haha..this is Ken's true colours! :p

    If ken knew bout it earlier..he sure lost rm250 adi :p

  13. hamsup ken! hehe but all guys are hamsup wert, right ken? XD

    this sex party obviously con ppl la.. betta dun go! XD

  14. read it in the papers this morning. eh? why not we do one online. all got webcam, can go nude.... :P

  15. I LOL-ed at the 'why so cheap!!!'

  16. funny lah u
    some more can draw all that lolx

  17. wakakakakak~
    so funny lo those photoshop pic!!
    u did it with photoshop isn it??

  18. damn funny weh...haha...especially the last part...year end sale...zha dou! -.-!!

  19. Dude, you spend way too much time on Photoshop. And since when did you get so perverted?! ;) heh. Kidding. Happy New Year man!

  20. why so cheap?! what is the policeman tryin to indicate i wonder. so it should be higher? wah lau.

  21. The last part is funny.. But really, y need the orgy? Not scared of AIDS meh? STDs? STIs? I think I should make a new range of condoms n throw this kinda party la.. I will be rich overnight la! :)

  22. I have to say Malaysian students have, erm, 'somewhat changed' since I was at Uni 20 years ago.

    Fascinating glimpse of life in a far, far, away land.


  23. Ha ha, 2009 year will be known as no underwear year! LOL

  24. Oh Yeah!! what a way to rock the new year huh!

  25. but there is one real sex party going on
    at Hartamas
    but too bad busted by the cops and
    condom all are ready
    but ...
    all too high on drugs to used

  26. RM250 cheap for a deposit? they must be too rich to say that.

  27. another hilarious post. I'm following you XD

  28. First, it was in JB, and that's why PAS didn't know about it. Second, most BN members are muslims too, why they didn't say anything about it?

    Nonetheless your cartoon is funny. ^_^


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