Things To Do During Earth Hour

Things To Do During Earth Hour

This entry is dedicated to Earth Hour 2009.

I find it awesome to know that the people around the globe is taking precautions to save the world from total annihilation by reducing electricity consumption, which will lead to the reduction of carbon emissions.

earth hour logo

Pardon my ignorance, but till now – I don’t know why is it “60” Earth Hour? Shouldn’t it be just ONE Earth Hour – since it’s just an hour?

earth hour logo parody

Like this?

However, if 60 looks better, shouldn’t the logo be…

earth hour minutes parody

like that? Hmm…

Anyway, since we’re gonna shut down our electricity for an hour, here are some suggestions on what you (and your friends or partner) can do during that hour of darkness.

1) Stay at home – if you’re at home.

earth hour living room

2) Stay at office – if you’re at office.

earth hour office

3) Play soccer at the field.

earth hour soccer field

4) Dating at the park – for couples only.

earth hour park

5) Go to bed, sleep…

earth hour bedroom

P/S: If the pictures are too dark, probably the lights are off in the pictures.

There you go – the Top 5 suggestions can provide you with. Extra suggestions from you will be great.

All in all, do turn off your electricity on the 28th March 2009 from 8.30 – 9.30pm okay?

If you haven’t watch the Earth Hour 2009 video, watch it here.

It’s touching, isn’t it?

So, it’s just a (or a few more) switch(es) away from “prolonging” our beloved Earth’s life. It’ll be doomed one day anyway. votes Earth! =)

60 thoughts on “Things To Do During Earth Hour

  1. Actually the 60 earth hour is correct unless they change the words to 60 earth hours.

    Your 1 earth hour is also correct. But 60 more stylish mah : )

  2. Earth Hour is total bullshit. Just like the Toyota Prius.
    Or maybe I’m just being bitter!

    No one ever posts up or publicises data (how much oil, carbon emmissions etc) :(

    lol@ no.4 Ken you and your wild imagination huh XD

    I can’t sleep. Can’t stop thinking =.= zzzz

  3. i also close my blog and website for one hour in conjunction of earth hour.. all my website and blog network will not accessable during earth hour.. cheers.

  4. I will be turning off my lights on that day. I used to think this event was really cool however now I feel it’s over commercialize and over publicize. The money they spent for this event should have been channel more wisely.

    Just an opinion..

    Anyway nice take on the Earth Hour Ken :)

  5. -.- erm…
    Earth Hour = switch off lights = sacrifice an hour of assignment = sacrifice an hour of sleep = sacrifice half of the assignment marks = sacrifice a subject in finals = sacrifice your ears to your parents = sacrifice a semester to retake it = sacrifice the amount of money paid = just to protect earth form dying in an hour.

  6. i’m all into earth hour.. but watever u do.. pls do not light a candle! it defeats all the purpose as candles are harmful too… imagine the whole world lighting up candles during that hour! oh no no…

  7. I’ve signed up for Earth Hour, hope this is a good start in raising the awareness in energy conservation… and I really love that comic stuffs… hilarious !

  8. And hello to you too.

    Yea, it’s hard but I’m working on it. So far so good. *fingers crossed*

    This is a good post btw.

  9. “having candlelight dinner and campfire actually defeats the purpose of having earth hour… the purpose of turning of the electricity is to reduce the level of carbon emissions.. fire doesnt help..”

    so mean that when u stay at home, u will not on the fan too? or will not on aircond? cause u really want to kill off that hour of carbon emissions? or u like to criticise…

  10. “fan and aircon are alright.. but not fire right? it releases more carbon lol”

    since u answer in that way, what can I said more…?

  11. Hi there. Reading your post with a light heart. Haha…

    Why 1 and not 60…hmm…either 1 or 60…and they choose 60…maybe coz 1 sounded…you know…one…as in very little. 60 on the other hand sounded more meaty and powerful.

    I am definitely supporting Earth Hour :)

  12. what the heck is with this earth hour?

    earth is still alive wad…LOL

    it’s also not earth’s birthday anyway. is this a celebration or something?

  13. Great post!!! :)

    I am going to do my part and join in Earth Hour too but I think I will go shopping centre to camp LOL!!!

  14. I find 60 earth hour is complete waste of time, because just turning off the lights doesn’t make much of a difference as we are still releasing carbon(which is the major cause of global warming) to the air. Yes, it is a way to show your support, but what happens after that? People still drive releasing carbon, people still turn on their air conds, and list goes on. The only time we will stop releasing carbon to the air is, when we stop relying on fossil fuel for energy.

  15. As usual you are creative!..I like the story in the dark he he..many things will happen in the dark…I support the campigan and will off the lights for 1 hour tonite…I miss your post keenwooi!!..

  16. maybe inti didn promote it leh…
    my college got a lot of poster sticking around and they even send e-mail to every club to invite ppl join for it…
    it was suppose to be 100 person only…
    but ended up more than tat…
    so not bad lar…the advertisement idea…XD
    free dinner and free cert and free transportation leh…XD

  17. kenken.
    60 or 1? the poster/picture doesnt mean that the event is titled 60 Earth Hour. it’s just shown as a picture.definitely the number 60 is to represent the minutes for that one hour and every minute helps to conserve electric.
    plus, the event is known as Earth Hour and not 60 Earth Hour which means technically it’s not directly linked, if you get what i mean,hence it’s very appropriate to use the number 60 as to
    my 2cents.

    glad you’re supporting it!

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