Do Cars Need Extra Shelter?

Do Cars Need Extra Shelter?

One sunny day, I was driving and when I was about to reach a traffic light, this was what I saw.

Quite amusing, to be honest.

It was RED on that traffic light when…

road traffic

…this car in front of me, stopped way behind the traffic light. Why?

Obviously, he’s afraid that the frigging blazing sunshine will penetrate the roof of his car and burn the hell out of him for the tree’s huge shade.

Or maybe the driver is a SHE? Since you know, ladies…

I’m not gonna victimize the motorcyclist because it’s understandable for him to stop under a shade when it’s sunny.

road traffic

Another car on the next lane ALSO stopped way way behind. Why?

Bingo, for the shade too!

But I wonder – was it too hot too sunny?

I know it’s much a little “cooler” but still – why so afraid of the heat when this GRANNIE can even walk under the sun – only with her spectrum-coloured umbrella!

grandma under the sun

Grannie is the best!


49 thoughts on “Do Cars Need Extra Shelter?

  1. eh such a short post leh.

    i finally have time to talk to you.

    i had so many sleepless nights recently… even when im awake, im as good as a walking zombie

    and getting dark is a big deal k..

    but guess what? im much fairer now. i love uk! :P

  2. I hide in the shade also sometime, but when I am using my motorcycle. I don’t do that when using car. It might cause someone to piss off behind me

  3. yup, those people who stopped miles away just for the shade is really stepping on my nerves! as if they could melt! if they are afraid of the sun then dont come out ler… =p

  4. Haha, I really not so often see cars also do like this.

    But I think I have seen once or twice so far.
    I usually won’t get angry of this, but if I saw someone (that don’t worry about sunny or hot) taken the first/empty place, then I will angry.

  5. I do that when it’s sunny too, and only if I won’t leave a VERY huge gap between cars/traffic light.

    And what’s with the hint of sexism?? It ain’t all that funny.

  6. Hahaha… I think the driver cannot stand the sun… errrrr… if i were you i would have forced the person out to the actual space … this driver was so selfish… he/she would have caused the traffic jam. :(

  7. hey seriously…
    it is very HOT…

    I understand why ppl do that as Ive seen them doing it everywhere..

    the sun is toooooo hot!

  8. Major road jokers ;) I think they can consider installing a huge umbrella on top of the car (big enough to shelter the whole car) .. hahaha.

  9. hahaha cars need shelter also
    or perhaps is the ppl inside don wan hot mahh
    not necessary must be girls k
    guys is afraid of hot also, don’t u

  10. Maybe their air conditioning is broken. In AZ, I would totally understand. I’d be irritated, but I’d also understand. They must have felt like weenies when they saw the lady walking across out in the sun though.

    ~ Kristi

  11. This still consider okay lar. I met the same situation. Only the bugger stop before a lane turning to the left. Blocking me from turning left. Not only that, he was talking on his stupid phone and did not bug even I’ve horned him. Really there are such selfish people in the world. I can’t imagine what’s inside their brain. =.=”

  12. Haha! I was tempted to do that many times too but not thick skin enough! I’ll do that when there’s no cars behind me. Hehe

  13. Hi,

    Thanks for dropping by. You are my first visitor and i’m new in blogging.

    we at shah alam do this all the time particularly at the junction federal highway-padang jawa. only on sunny days tho. it has becoming a norm there :-)

  14. Hi Ken, first time commenting. Just LOL, I never thought such a thing would happen. It’s never happened in JB though, people would honk you from the back if you do something like that.

  15. Hey, careful there! Not all ladies take such cute action as waiting in the shade, okay? LOL!

    Come to think of it, I do that too (once in a while) though not to the extent of stopping three miles away!

    Cute post. Made me laughed out loud.

    Hi Kenwooi. Thanks for stopping by.

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