Prohibited Signboard FAIL

Prohibited Signboard FAIL

It’s a known fact that outside INTI University College campus, there are burger stalls at almost every corner. No wonder most of the INTI-UC students are growing wider.

So, this is a common scene.

signboard fail

As you can see, there is a sign board right in front of the burger stall.

signboard fail

Read the notice.

P/S: “Dilarang Menjaja Harta Persendirian” simply means “Hawking Personal Goods Is Prohibited” in Malay Language.

Now, look at the picture above it.

prohibited signboard

So damn obvious right?

But maybe the burger stall owner thinks it’s a tram – coz it kinda looks like one?

Nah never mind lah… At least we’ll have delicious tasty burgers to satisfy our tummy! =)

56 thoughts on “Prohibited Signboard FAIL

  1. Like that good also mah, easy to buy something to eat. Don’t need to care the majlis perbandaran people.

    “Harta persendirian” is really FAIL. Food = harta persendirian? LMAO XD

  2. What happened to your laptop? Virus attack?

    I think people always ignore signboards! Or they purposely rebel. Take for instance, a sighboard saying “Membuang Sampah Denda RM500” Then next to that signboard, you see a whole load of rubbish being dumped there!!

    Same concept lah. LOL! : )

  3. I think you should go and put another signboard written “Forbidden to place signboards” and leave :)

    Anyway, if there are no fiscals to prevent than it’s no surprise for me that they will keep their business because, after all, they need to make a living right?

  4. “Dilarang Menjaja. Harta Persendirian”

    The land is his “harta persendirian”, perhaps.

  5. why aren’t i surprised with the contradiction of the signboard n the stall. msian loves to go against every single signboard! XD

  6. lol .. humans especially malaysian are rebellious =)
    put a sign not to do that and malaysians will start doing that =)
    perhaps when a signboard written “do not study” in the library, everyone will start studying there =)

  7. hahahahaha it's useless!!! none of the people follow the rules >.< or the authority just set the rules for fun???

  8. Rule is meant to be broken mah…
    The more u restrict them, the more likely they will do something against u.

    Hahaha…human nature.

    Once recall back, last time my primary teacher asked my whole class to keep silence, in the end, who listened? Nobody. LOL…

  9. the signboard says…. hawker with this kind of stall design is not allowed. so this fella’s color and shape is not the same, so is legal.

  10. They dun read de! Hahaha! If u can find those signboard “Dilarang Buang Sampah Disini” you will found more rubbish.

    We are in Bolehland!

  11. Could be something related to “you scratch my back, I scratch your back” if you know what I mean :)

  12. Well, it is exactly the same situation when people still throw rubbish even though there is a sign that reads ‘Dilarang Membuang Sampah’. The rubbish was thrown at the foot of the signboard of the sign some more lol!

  13. hah.. no wonder why it looked so familiar..
    hmmph… i think cuz that signboard was errected by the developer…not the town council…
    there is nothing they can do.. :D
    and surprisingly that guy allowed u to take photo? swt… hope he didnt go all to serious and call his Otai which actually means gangsterz~ :D

  14. “Dilarang Menjaja Harta Persendirian” simply means “Hawking Personal Goods Is Prohibited” in Malay Language.

    Ugh, I thought it means “Prohibited to sell private properties.” or “Forbidden to sell your own thingy”. :D

  15. i guess they can set up a stall to compete with McD … it’s cheap and nice!! i bought the malay stall burger. if not mistaken Ramly… lol cheap and nice!!

  16. it’s reverse physcology lah. malaysians, tell them what they cant do, they’ll do it. tell them what they shud do, they wont do it.. life is basically like dat lor… (if ppl tell u dun blog, u’ll blog even more rite? rite? LOL!)

  17. lol otai burger seems to have aLOT of franchise.. near my hse got 1.. near my grandma hse got 1.. lollll

  18. LOL i’ve seen this many a time the penjaja didn’t chase u away for taking pics of them meh? XD

  19. hahaha, maybe he is also the owner of that piece of land?? :D

    BTW, i’ve changed my blog into ORANGE!! come and have a look~~ :p

  20. This one is better: signboard that says “Dilarang Membuang Sampah. Denda RM500” … and the signboard is surrounded by bags and bags of thrash. Bolehland .. apa pun Boleh!

  21. Aiayah…ppl only wanna do business. I don’t mind as long they keep the places clean and practice good hygiene.

    There is a saying “MALAYSIA BOLEH”


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