Bad Logo For Diving Equipment Company

Bad Logo For Diving Equipment Company

Here’s the logo for Aqua-Lung Professional Diving Equipment company.

logo fail

To me, the oxygen tank in the middle of the logo looks like a Cobra snake.

Anyway, tell me what do you see?

Oh wait, before that, lemme rotate it first.

logo fail

Now, what do you see? You see an upside down Cobra snake?

Awesome! You have a clean mind! Me too! ;)

63 thoughts on “Bad Logo For Diving Equipment Company

  1. First thing that came to mind, an oxygen tank.
    But when it upside down, hmm… Who the heck designed that man? lol~

  2. Ken always think that kind of thing want , haiz …. haha… i think that logo designer is fail la, cause nobody can understand wat that is .. haha

  3. Ken, actually no need to turn up side down, original photo can guess ler..Nice “cobra” head.

  4. hahahaha…this company really have the “balls” to use this logo…lol get it…get it? balls…ok I better stop spamming Kenwooi’ comments :)

  5. Cobra snake?
    I failed miserably when I tried to see a cobra snake there.
    Well, it can be whatever we want it to be right? It's just an image after all.

    Anyway, I awarded you (or tagged, whichever term you prefer) ok? :)

  6. Criticism accepted for my post as to further improve the familiarity in net sphere. Eggs and hotdog not in compatible ratio. should order longer hotdog.

  7. In the first picture, before your 2nd picture, I already rotated it in my mind and saw….an upside down cobra….muahahahaah!!! :P

  8. i wanted to keep my minds clean, but after you hinted us by looking upside down, i can now even link the upright one to "it" too.. kekeke :p

  9. ……..

    hahahahhahahah *laughs like mad*

    the designer must either be very clean minded or purposely did that.



  10. Hey hi kenwooi.
    How are you? Thanks for dropping by. Well, I believe I need to brace my teeth soon.. And I get even worry after reading your comment on bracing… :(

    Hope that it won't be that bad..

  11. Everyone knows it's not a cobra for heaven sake.
    Either with crystal clear or filthy disgusting mind could tell with a wimp of imagination! HAHA.

  12. Ahh… the mind sees what it wants to see. Incidentally, I know a doctor who used to sign his name like that – only thing is, the oxygen tank is horizontal pointing to the right.

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