St. John’s Kindergarten Ipoh

St. John’s Kindergarten Ipoh

After blogging for more than 1 year, I realized that I never mentioned anything about my hometown before. Well, in case you don’t know, I was born and raised in a little small city called Ipoh.

*cue Point Blanc’s Ipoh Mali song*
Okay, I’m gonna start off with my kindergarten – St. John’s Kindergarten.

The St. John’s Church is the first building to welcome you when you enter the kindergarten compound.

st john kindergarten ipoh church

Before any of you misunderstand, lemme clarify – that’s not the place we learn our ABC and 123.

We study at another building with a stretch of classrooms.

st john kindergarten ipoh

Recently I had a chance to visit the kindergarten. I was actually attending a wedding, which was held at the St. John’s Hall.

st john kindergarten hall ipoh

As I stepped into the hall, pieces of memories started falling into place. Amazingly, it has been more than 10 years since I left St. John’s Kindergarten. How I wish I’m a kid again, with minimum worries in life.

My earliest performances took place on the stage of this very hall. Beating toy drums in a mini kiddo band, dancing and putting make up and lipstick – SO GAY!

st john kindergarten classroom

The classroom tells a story of the friends I made when I was a little boy. Some stayed on till this very day, and well, some were forgotten. One of my kindergarten friend who is still close to me at the moment is Mishal Kothari – he’s featured on my McAwesome Burger entry.

The tables and chairs are still the same till this very day. I remembered sitting on the small metal chair, drawing my house and a T-Rex dinosaur attacking it. Oh yeah, and Ultraman flying in the sky too!

kindergarten drawing

Somehow I managed to recall the drawing and I redraw it using Paint. Masterpiece huh? Definitely better than Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting.

st john kindergarten playground

The playground was the favourite place of all time. Slides, bars and whatever. Doesn’t seem fun to me now but it certainly was back then.

st john kindegarden ipoh playground swing

The swing reminds me of my kindergarten girlfriends. I always bring my girlfriends to play swing swing together. Can’t remember how many girlfriends I had but I do remember their names – Ah-Sue, Ah-Lian, Ah-Chin, Ah-Ling and all the others Ah-s lah.

Oh yeah, if any of you Ah-Whatever remembers me after reading this entry, do contact me ya! ;)

Anyway, I have a kindergarten secret to share – when I was a little boy, I never asked for permission to go to the toilet during class. So if nature calls, I’ll just “hang on” and wait for the break.

So there was one incident, we were sitting on the floor and I was trying my very best to “hang on” as long as I could. However, the nature was no longer calling, it was screaming “LET ME GO!!!”.

But stubborn me didn’t bother and unfortunately, I “released” bit by bit while sitting on the floor. When it was finally break time, I stood up and there’s a small puddle of water. My pants were obviously wet too.

st john kindergarten toilet

Don’t ask me what happened after that. End of my embarrassing kindergarten story.

65 thoughts on “St. John’s Kindergarten Ipoh

  1. wow this bring me back the memories of my Kindergarden life :), aww it would be nice to go back, less worries XD

  2. I would love to visit Ipoh again. It's such a homey place with yummy food. :)

    My kindergarten has long since gone. No embarrassing moments for me. haha…

  3. you are obviously one mischievous kid back then.
    but to actually "hang on",
    were you too shy to ask? :)

  4. I went through yr post. I checked yr grammar and spelling, sentence structure etc. Hey, what are you doing still in kindy ? hehehehehehe You shud have grad from kindy decades ago hahahahah

  5. yep! It's about time you tell us about your hometown. :D The kindergarten really looks nice. You draw like Picasson ler. haha :D

  6. lol…i'm a perakian too!!! but not ipoh..from taiping =) oh and ur secret..i had that one-time experience before too eeee =/ i was wearing a skirt and not pants la..haha

  7. hey bro…nice kindergarten story of urs…u really can remember much….i only can remember a few things only…

  8. HAH You pissed in your PANTS! LEGENDARY!

    But at least you din't go buck naked in front of the class. *don't ask*

  9. "My earliest performances took place on the stage of this very hall. Beating toy drums in a mini kiddo band, dancing and putting make up and lipstick – SO GAY!"

    OMG you know, I did a similar performance in my kindergarten and I also wore lipstick. I thought I became a dragqueen already -.-

  10. Everyone has embarrassing moments when they're kids, that's what make our childhood life memorable. HAHAAAAA.
    St. John's, isn't that practically at the east of SMI?

  11. hey, i was from st. john kindergarten ipoh too!!! maybe we were classmates? haha, not sure whether i'd been called as Ah-xx..
    why not u upload some of your kindergarten photos here?
    i had performance in that hall too… performing hawaiian dance.. =P


  12. Who has never wore lipstick as a kid? We all did!

    Nice kindergarten story! And yes, your masterpiece definitely better than Leonardo da Vinci's! Haha!

  13. I don't quite remember my own kindergarten experience although I still remember I have a very nice female teacher though I could not recall her face! I was very shy back then : )

  14. Well, those are the good days isn't it? Great of being a kid again. Well I definitely have more memories about elementary school, the earlier years. Sometimes still laugh at my silly experiences back then.

    social media/blogging

  15. Hmm… I have my own set of embarrassing stories when I was a child too, but I followed my father who have to be constantly transferred, so i dun recall having much friends…

  16. The church and the kindie look nice. Some nice down-memory-lane moments there. LOL on the puddle of water.

  17. wedding your head la.. it's mum's friend's birthday dinner lar, teruk case..
    btw,im a good photographer, lol..
    thanks to me.. =D

  18. Ha..Ha..sweet memories!
    Lovely kindergarden, love your cute digital drawing too!
    You just manage to turn back the clock kenwooi:)
    You got magic wand!

  19. School days were THE days wei! all the pee / running about like nobody's business / vomitting / black school shoes..haha..!!

  20. haha, isn't it great to go back to all the places you have spent your childhood before?? sure brings you back lots of good memories.. :)

  21. man u actually remember ur kindergarten so vividly:) skip the pee stories! happens to most ppl at tat age :P

  22. may i know where is the location for st.john’s kindergarten? thx for yr replying

    It’s in town, nearby St. Michael’s Institution and Padang Ipoh. Googlemap will be convenient. =)

  23. hey , i m from st. john too! i was there in 84. wow lots have changed. havent got chance to visit. thanks for the pics. anybody got the school no?

    1. May I know who is your St. John’s Kindergarten teacher. If I am not mistaken, I have a pupil by this name.

      1. Cikgu lilian , its me ! Amirul hafiz bin abdul wahab! You are my class teacher! Haha!

      2. Hi cikgu lilian, its me, you re my class teacher, it think its year 83 not 84. If you still have a picture of the class when went to the park for the class outing, there are two boys not wearing uniform on of them is me! I m so so surprise u remember me. U can find me at facebook under the name JAMES AMIRUL HAFIZ.

  24. Can you remember who is your kindergarten teacher and what year are you in? I used to be a teacher there and I am trying to locate my old students between 1973 – 1999, any help. Thank you.

    1. Hi, I was there too, do you remember anyone by my name? :) Mandeep Kaur. Was a chubby brawny kid back then. Hehe :)

  25. I was from St. John Kindergarten Ipoh too!I was there in year 2000 and my class teacher was Ms.Sheila. I miss her so much and the kindergarten too. I lost contact with Ms.Sheila.I need her contact number.She is my best teacher!Hope she could recognize me.Anybody there who studied in year 2000 please reply here.

  26. I was there in 1967 I think and one of my schoolmates was Yeoh Choo Kheng, whom we all know today as Michelle Yeoh! She was the trendiest girl in kindy and there was a group shot of us and she was wearing white fishnet stockings. I had that picture but lost it during a house move. Sad!

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