7 Ways To Attend INTI Events FOC

This entry is specially dedicated to poor students, like me, of INTI University College.

In INTI-UC, students usually purchase an entrance ticket for RM3, sometimes higher, depending on the event itself. I've been here for 3 years and I guess I roughly know the "skills" of attending an event - without paying a single cent.

RM3 as usual.

So if you think you deserve something better with RM3, here are ways to not get you RM3 poorer for every event you attend.

1) Join clubs and societies

Every club and society will organize at least one event per semester. In fact, there are so many clubs and societies here in INTI-UC, don't tell me one doesn't suit you.

Student Action (STACT) Club members.

For example, STACT Club. They've won the Best Affiliate Award for the 12th INTIMA term - it's because of their brilliant events.

So when you sign up as a member, you're already entitled to attend events, for free! Pretty easy huh?

2) Be an event helper

If you're not a member of a particular club and you wanna attend its event for free, offer yourself as a helper. I've never been a helper before - it's either I organize or I attend, or don't attend at all.

Besides, for certain less-attractive events, they'll be happy to get more helpers - because the audience count will +1. So, more audience and you can finish up the food for them, if there is. =)

3) Be a performer

What's an event without performances? Almost every event needs performances and if you're talented - be it music, magic or dancing - flaunt it and you're one step closer to saving RM3.

The best FOC event I've attended so far is 2007's INTIBALL. I was in INTI Concert Band and yeah, we were invited to perform.

ICB's performance.

Honestly THAT was the best deal ever - I saved RM90+ and ate their 8-course meal, for free! How about that! =D

4) Be a Master of Ceremony, or also known as Medical Certification (MC or Emcee).

Now, not any Tom, Dick and Harry can be one - you need to be fluent with your language and most importantly, spontaneous. You should be able to speak your mind (with relevance to the event) and click with the crowd.

Speaking to the crowd.

I wasn't really emcee-ing - I was giving a welcoming speech during the 5th INTIMA Conference. =)

5) Join the Student Government Body - INTIMA

This is probably the best way to get yourself the Ultimate INTI-UC Events Entrance Permit for a year.

Being in the 12th INTIMA was one of my best FOC years in INTI-UC. Basically as Executive Committees of the Student Government Body, we're forever invited to attend events. As a result, we get to watch for free, eat for free and do whatever for free.

Waiting at the VIP room.

When you're an INTIMA EXCO, you get to be in VIP room and sometimes, get free dinner. During gathering nights by clubs, you get to eat free dinner. At other events where food is available, you'll be served with free dinner too.

Free lou sang during CNY Celebration.

Free refreshment during Orientation Weeks.

*Free food! Glorious free food!* Hmm... Sighs, I gotta stop talking about free food.

But anyway, you'll save a lot! Almost everything is FOC! But be reminded - you have to work your ass off when you're in INTIMA.

6) Get to know big shots

Possibly the hardest but it'll be a huge money-saver benefit if you do. Actually accomplishing Point 5 will make it easier.

Here I wanna introduce someone very influential in the INTI-UC community. Introducing Dr. Sia.

Associate Vice President of Student Services and Alumni Division.

I got to know her better when I was in ICB. She's one of my fan. And no, she's not Kenny Sia's relative or whosoever.

What if you can't accomplish Point 5? No worries - just complain more (about stuffs, such as the toilets, washing machines or the pathetic Internet connection) and you'll know them better. Guaranteed!

So you might wonder - what's the relevance? Okay here's the point, if you're close to them, chances of you attending events with them are higher. But realistically, it's hard - unless you’re super duper close *ahem* with them.

7) Sneak in

The final way doesn't need any explanation. If the first 6 isn't successful, don't fret - just sneak in! Here are some cool sneak-in techniques that you can try out - do it at your own risk!
  • Enter after the interval, usually they won't check.
  • Ask your friends to get a used ticket for you.
  • Just walk in when it's really crowded at the entrance.
If you don't have the guts to do so, just stay in your hostel cubicle and scream "DOTA last slot!" and you can have a gaming event of your own.

Well, that's all for now. Let's hope the top management doesn't see this. *cross fingers*

Disclaimer: kenwooi.com will not be held responsible for any illegal entries of events due to the mentioned sneak-in techniques as a result of this entry.


  1. lol i miss inti... but sumtimes the events are plain borin... :p

  2. i wonder if anyone who applied for intima...will give the reason 'to gain free entries to events' LOL

  3. can join a strip club??....hahahahaha.

  4. LOL..

    Sophia..of course you can't mention that you know? If not you wouldn't be selected. *wink wink* I didn't say that say that ok, Sophia? :p

    Anyway this is a good post man. I miss being in INTIMA..I miss those days having free meals and attending as VIP. :p It was fun.

    I guess next time must become some big shot in a company then only can be treated like that.

  5. Rm3 for entrance fee is super cheap ok??!! In mu Uni, entrance fee is at least Rm15!!! @.@"

  6. y nid to pay for the entrance fees?
    earning money for wat ler??
    here,everyday aso got charity games n sales..
    no nid entrance fees aso.. --

  7. DUDE! What happened to the WAYEYOUNG IS AWESOME I added to the end? XD

    With hindsight, I think I'd rather pay the rm3 than do all the shit we did while we were in INTIMA. XD

  8. ehh?~
    i didnt knew that they charge for events in INTI wor XD

  9. swt.. http://www.kenwooi.com/ :)
    anyway... sleepy..sleepy sleepy.
    You missed a step.
    Be a good friend to the organizing chairperson :)
    either u get free entrée or cheaper price :)

  10. Hey great and chun tips. My brother told me that too. I have seen him busy around during the Uni time. But it's going to be my turn lol.

    Agree with louis's point too. xD

    Hey ya! My domain will be expired coming soon and I don't gonna to activate it so shift back to blogspot also good ma ! :) btw, kenwooi.com and kenwooi.blogspot.com different right? I saw the ads not functioning on blogspot one.

  11. Inti A-level!!!!!!
    Was a nightmare for me.....
    Were friendly for me.....
    A sweet memory for me.....
    A nice guy for me.....
    So KEN,now tell me whether do u feel happy when u read this??

  12. l0l~* trick from our 12th INTIMA TREASURER!! how can u......

  13. Ken, always teaching us THE OTHER ways. tsk tsk.


  14. Haha... But it make sence though getting enterance fee for free by organising it and i agree with the work load in organising it.. SUPER BUZY!! T.T But alot of memories.. ^.^

  15. Kekekeke...
    Looklike everyone will be coming for free now. thanks to you.

  16. 8) Get somebody foolish enough to pay for you.. hehehe :p

  17. that'd require a great skill tho. lol :s

  18. hahahaha. brilliant post =p

  19. ehey. I agree with point number 4!

  20. sneak in is the best and more challenging way wahaha!!!

  21. muahahaha this is interesting! can i copy your tittle and change it to Multimedia University Melaka? (my uni) and then post our ways in my blog?! hehehe

  22. at least i reach step 5 now. yeah.. you are right.. free entrance.

  23. i'm ex - intians!!! keep on rockin'


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